Woodland Archaeology Festival 10th-18th June

In just under a month we will be celebrating all things woodland heritage at the National Trust property of Hardcastle Crags, Hebden Bridge.  This family friendly event will include two weekends of experimental woodland heritage activities and craft stalls, as well as a week-long community excavation of a charcoal burning platform.

Example of an experimental archaeology charcoal burn undertaken at North Dean Woods by Hywel Lewis from the University of Bradford last year.

The excavation (which is open to the public) aims to shed light on how these features were constructed and used in the past.  Using multiple archaeological techniques, will it be possible to date when the charcoal burning platform was constructed?  How often was it used? When did it go out of use?  What type of wood did they use?  Did the tree species in the woodland change over time?  What was the environment like before charcoal production began?

The FREE Experimental Archaeology Weekend events (10am-3pm) will consist of:

10th-11th June

  • A traditional charcoal burn
  • Prehistoric pot making and firing
  • Construction of a bloomery for iron smelting

17th-18th June

  • Prehistoric pot making and firing
  • Iron smelting using the bloomery
  • Charcoal Platform Excavation

Become an Archaeologist!

The excavation is open to the public, BUT PRIOR BOOKING TO VOLUNTEER IS ESSENTIAL, the 10th  and 11th June are already booked up!  As part of the excavation, experience in excavation techniques, soil sampling, surveying, recording and planning are all on offer.  The excavation will last from Saturday 10th and end Sunday 18th June.  If you want to get involved, drop me a line at: Chris.Atkinson@pennineprospects.co.uk

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