Digital Mapping: A GIS Workshop

Woodland Heritage Officer Christopher Atkinson explaining the processes of importing LiDAR data and its uses.

A big thank you to all who attended the day long Digital Mapping: A GIS Workshop event on Saturday 6th May.

This free event served to introduce members of the public to the uses of QGIS as part of an archaeological investigation.  The workshop consisted of a walk-through-talk-through at which followed instruction using their own laptops and pre-downloaded software and files.

The workshop covered aspects of:

What is a Geographical Information System (GIS)?

How can it be used in archaeology?

Using Vector Data to construct a map

Using Raster Data

How to import and analysis Light Detection an Ranging (LiDAR) Data

Creating and Saving a map for publication

It is intended to enhance this event by making it a two day workshop in the future, during which further techniques concerning the use of GIS in archaeology will be discussed and training provided.

If you would like a copy of the QGIS Manual (Please note this is a working progress) used during the session you can download it from here: PP6-060517 COWH QGIS Manual.

In addition the Hirst Wood casestudy files can be downloaded from:

Volunteers putting their new found skills to the test


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