Archaeological Survey

The homestead of Goose Gate, Callis Wood, being surveyed by volunteers. The lintel here has a date of 1719, however references to the site of Goose Gate or ‘Gooshey’ date to 1571


Over the course of the next three years we will be leading a programme of freely accessible archaeological surveys across the South Pennines in order gain a greater understanding of woodland development and management across the region.

Features such as trackways, old field and woodland boundaries, quarries, hut platforms, charcoal burning platforms and the vegetation itself are all assets that can inform us as to the use and past appearance of our woodlands.

Woodlands to be investigated during Year 1 of the project
Some of the woodlands investigated during Year 1 of the project

At total of 19 woodlands were surveyed between January and April 2017 with a total of 134 volunteers taking part.  Although the reporting phase is on going, it is estimated that over 700 archaeological features were recorded.  On completion each report will be made available to the landowner and volunteers.  The reports will also go to the regional Historic Environment Record to enhance the national record.

Later this year we will be releasing a time table of surveys for between November 2016 and March 2017.  In order to achieve our goal and survey as many woodlands across the South Pennines as possible, We Need You! Whether as an individual, family, group or organisation we welcome you to get involved, to learn new skills and to enjoy our woodland heritage.


If you are interested in attending any of these archaeological events, either for a day or multiple days please contact  Chris Atkinson, Woodland Heritage Officer at for further details.

All equipment such as a hand held GPS for recording the location, recording sheets, pens/pencils, clip boards, tape measures and camera will be provide.

As we will be outdoors and the weather is likely to be cold and probably a bit damp at times, please wear sturdy foot wear and warm/wet weather gear.  A packed lunch and drink is also advisable.  As for the timings, each day of survey will last between 10am and 3pm

Please note, in high winds the survey will be cancelled!

Students recording a water trough located near the settlement site of Park Top, Park Wood. It was fed from a spring to the south.