About Our Project

Celebrating Our Woodland Heritage Project

Earlier this year Pennine Prospect received a £500,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as support from Yorkshire Water and the Newground Together Trust to support a three year project dedicated to the investigation and promotion of the South Pennines woodland.

The project aims to involve local community groups, youth organisations such as schools and clubs as well as the general public as a whole in the processes of archaeological investigations including excavation within woodland environments. Investigations will provide the opportunity for individuals, groups and families alike to explore the history of woodlands through a mixture of desk-based mapping and research, field survey (identifying and recording lumps and bumps in the woodland) and excavation.

The project will also take a novel approach to living history by using Forest School techniques.  A programme of events led by our Forest School Practitioners will bring the story of the South Pennine woodlands to life for our schools and a wider urban audience by recruiting a new generation of woodland heritage champions.

Who are Pennine Prospects

Pennine Prospects is a unique rural regeneration company created in 2005 as a champion for the South Pennines, the dramatic upland landscape that stands prominently above the urban centres of Greater Manchester, the Lancashire valleys and West Yorkshire. It is an award-winning partnership organisation that has attracted over £5 million of national and European funding to deliver a wide range of projects aimed at promoting, protecting and enhancing the built, natural and cultural heritage of the South Pennines.

Pennine Prospects lies at the heart of a well-established partnership bringing together six local authorities, two water companies, government agencies and the voluntary sector. The company is strongly committed to sustainable development and enables partner organisations, local residents and businesses to maximise the benefit of the area’s rich natural, cultural and heritage assets.

Through its activities, Pennine Prospects supports the economy of the South Pennines by uncovering, highlighting and promoting all that is special about the area. In addition, the company develops community projects, promotes access to the uplands and waterways and connects people with their landscape.

Woodland Heritage Officer

As part of the Celebrating Our Woodland Heritage project; archaeologist Christopher Atkinson has been recruited as the Woodland Heritage Officer.  Chris has over ten years experience as an archaeologist, specialising in community archaeology and landscape survey within the county of Herefordshire, as well as more recently South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.  As part of this project Chris will be providing the onsite training in woodland survey and excavation techniques to the public, as well as leading on the production of reports and organisation of events.

If you are interested in taking part in the project contact Chris Atkinson, Woodland Heritage Officer at Chris.Atkinson@pennineprospects.co.uk